The All American Football League™ is a for-profit, professional football league.

Teams will initially operate as divisions of League whose football operations will be run by a quasi-independent board and General Manager. Some of the League's teams will be hosted by universities with Division IA football programs and other teams will play in independent venues. Games will be scheduled in the spring and early summer.

League teams will employ only those players who have both completed their college football eligibility and earned a four-year degree. This policy is expected to have a very positive impact on universities’ NCAA Graduation Success Rate and their Academic Progress Rate. To the extent practical, graduates of host universities will play for the team hosted by their alma mater.

The League intends that each League team will sell memberships to its fans and supporters. Members may be entitled to renewable season tickets in preferred locations, preferred parking, and other “insider” benefits. The League also hopes to provide Members access to high-definition private broadcasts of League games.

The League, which is governed by a Board of Managers, will select the Commissioner and other League executives responsible for its day-to-day operations.

The Board is structured as a self-perpetuating body whose members have staggered terms of office. This structure will ensure continuity and sound management.

The Board alone has the authority and responsibility for all business matters, including football operations. The Charter Board is comprised of a blue ribbon group of individuals with extensive university, football, and business experience.

The League's marketing partner is Octagon, the world's largest sports marketing firm.

John Smith

Chairman Of The Board

Former President of the NCAA


Board Member

Former Athletic Director of the University of Tennessee

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